About Me

“Create with passion or don’t create at all”


My name is Filipe Meunier, I live in Leça da Palmeira, Porto, Portugal.

I am passionate about creating audiovisual content.

In my free time I like to beatbox, ride my bicycle, go on a trip and take lots of photos so in the future I have my memories saved.

One of the things I do apart from my work is to compose songs. 

I am constantly looking to learn more. My work is my passion and I do it because I truly like what I do and I have fun while doing it.

8+ Years of experience

Video, audio, photography, motion-design, music.

+200 completed works with happy customers

My clients understand the value and effect of my work


Skilled & Creative Content Creator

Clients expect me to be creative with the resources we have

Here is a little video about who I am:

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