Who am I?

Filipe Meunier

Freelancer, Video / Photography / Motion-Design

Content Creator & Audiovisual Freelancer

8+ years of experience

Located in Porto, Portugal
Available Worldwide

“Being passionate about shows,

movies and advertisement

drives me to create amazing visual content

to brands, bands and companies.”


Clients & Partners


Photography Studio & Studio Gear

Lights: 4 strobes, 1 back-lit wall, 1 back-lit table

Ciclorama (for product shoots)

Flash and Softbox for exterior shoots

Light Diffuser/Bouncer



Computer: 4k Editing Station

Camera: Sony a7iii

Tripod & monopod: Manfrotto

Stabilizer: Zhiyun Crane 2

Lens: 55mm F1.8 zeiss

Tamron 28mm-75mm F2.8

Samyang 14mm F2.8


Gileno Santana


“I found on Filipe Meunier a combination of qualities that are worth gold nowadays.
Always with good solutions and with an altruism attitude that synthesis the best a professional can have.

My work as an artist has been growing with Filipe.”

Gileno Santana – Musician, Composer



“Filipe always delivered consistency to every work we did, and that was crucial in terms of imaging and timeline.

Technically and conceptually brilliant he could literally get the best out of any environment.”

Henrique Vieira – Blanditia CEO

Micaela Larisch

“Creative, responsible and methodic.

From the beginning to end of the project he is commited to the goals.”

Micaela Larisch – Micaela Larisch Design Lda. CEO

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